Andrew Christian
August 27, 2013

Rob Pau Got Married

Hold the phone!!! 

The happy couple & their wedding planner.

He's unrecognizable!! 

Pigs are officially flying... CONGRATS ROB!!

The new couple tied the knot at the Montage in Laguna. Celebrity guests included KingQueen & Wayne Castro.

Looks this hot mess has really turned his life around. 



  1. Wayne came to the event empty handed- not ven a gift in sight. He carpooled since he didnt have a car.

    1. Congrats! But who is he? And Who is KingMe?

  2. Rob's new husband is all over ADAM4ADAM and CRAIGS LIST. I know his profile name, I just looked at it. Hes a big bottom. obviously hes not going to just fuck Rob.

    1. exactly, hes just using rob for financial gain. i cant wait to see how Gay Divorce plays out in court

  3. How can anyone that worked at Geisha House afford anything more then a glass of water?
    Muchless a wedding. What I heard is that he has a slip and fall lawsuit against the Montage and they let him use the facilities for free! And any dragqueen would perform for $50 bucks ! Just free loaders came like Wayne and Matt Weiland ,Charles Anthony ,Kyle Hennssey who is still fat!. No dignitarys of Weho were there - David Cooley, Bryan Singer, Bobby Trendy Jerry Murry, Scott Unger. These named people wouldn't even think of leaving thier private enclaves to sit with a bunch of freeloaders!

    1. I love it when BT makes posts about shimself. :)

  4. It's because he works for a catering company now. The owner is on his second ex wife. Birds of a feather.


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