Odyssey Magazine Expands to Toronto, Eh?

Editor, Cheyne Hauk

LA's most notable magazine is about to take over the Toronto gay scene in two weeks as it celebrates their successful distributorship in NYC. The little rag that could, is suddenly not that little any more!! Cheer Queers!



  1. Ever since Cheyne Hauk moved to nyc Oddsey Magazine has gone to trash, and so has he.

    Meth everynight and its really showing with his advanced forhead wrinkles and crows feet.

    You sick fuck move out of NYC and stop spreading your body fluid over her!!

  2. You basic queens just as delusional as they are. Taking over? They haven't updated their website in over 2 years. Get outta the crackfog girls, its 2013.

  3. METH does a business good?

  4. "LA's most notable magazine" whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

  5. OH PLEASE! Odyssey magazine tried to do Vancouver years ago and people didn't use it for hamster cages. Toronto won't even notice.


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