Jesse Jordan: "New" Face of Jack Adams

Gur!!!! The headline read it all. 



  1. butter face, poz, and spreading it illegal to porn young stupid individuals

  2. damn can u use photo shop. that 56 year old meth face is not tricking me sweet heart.

  3. Not sure why he doesn't work out his legs.

  4. ugly...stop giving him attention

  5. you all sound like a bunch of nasty fucking VAGINAS who have nothing going for your selves that you have to bash someone with ambitions and who is succeeding unlike you tired Ass Holes..No for a fact since I work at the center where this person has been tested and he is negative and clean as a whistle.only thing wrong w him is the poor choices in people who chooses to fuck . You are probably upset that he has gone home w a friend of yours and fucked him and he just didn't want to fuck you(wonder why look in the mirror)grow up you low life pieces of shit and get a life....I wont be anonymous either


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