Andrew Christian
August 18, 2013

Gaga's Monsters Send Death Threats to a Baby

Thanks to Lady Gaga's false claims of being stalked by Perez,  she is in LA at the moment & he is in NYC at the moment, the life of his child is now being threatened by her little monsters. 

She seriously needs to grow the fu(k up and realize that she's a mess, starving for the press & doesn't really care who she hurts in the process. Honestly we hope that this is the last time we ever hear of her again. Maybe David Cooley can ask Elton John & David Furnish to call her & tell her to STFU!




  1. He's a bully. She has proof that he hasn't turned a new leaf. I wasn't a fan of her before. I am now. End of story.

  2. What does this have to do with LAdy GaGa? You are all making Lady GaGa out to be some sort of evil person. It's crazy, in the end if you make her an underdog, she's going to come out on top.

  3. What a desperate hag gaga is. Your a FLOP!!

  4. Gaga is a total fraud. She knows this and doesn't want to be exposed. That's why she is trying to have the court case against her sealed.

  5. Gaga has no control over what some crazy fan does. Meanwhile I love her, I love her music and all the wonderful things she has done for our community. Oh how soon some of us forget.

  6. come on guys...Gaga was in NYC for GMA.

  7. He called Lady Gaga every name in the book, acted that he was her friend and then made up rumors about her when she took him around the would during her tour. Who even does that?! And to Perez, it's called karma.

  8. Perez Hilton is a bully and always will be, just like he will always be an ugly fat disgusting piece of shit. He thinks he made her famous and his ego is out of control. Just fuck off Perez SHITLIN.


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