Fergie “A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody” Music Video

This is the first time we've actually enjoyed anything Fergie's done:



  1. Paul AKA Missy PiggyAugust 7, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    People that need to disappear:

    Andres Hunt- Your under-bite looks like my fucking chiwawas mouth. You will NEVER be hired in this town again, how unprofessional to bad mouth companies you previous worked with. You will NEVER be hired because after you leave another company what makes us think you won't do it again? Pack your bags and leave you ugly fuck.

    Sherleen Mojica- Your friends with Murray, lets face it he is a STUD, why on fuck would he want an ugly friend hanging around him. Not sure if he realizes this but you are a big cock block(Though a cock block that is saving lives to stop spreading HIV, thanks Sherileen!!). Who's rent are you paying you ugly asian to be rolling with the big boys in WeHo? WTF, when you have parties I know close mutual friends that raid your shit!!!

    JD Ordonez- STOP swiping iPhones damn!! He goes to after parties sober and is a fucking sober klepto!


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