Chad Michaels & Other RuPaul Queens Featured in Cher's "Woman's World" Music Video

Apparently Cher selected Chad Michaels, Manilla Luzon, Alyssa Edwards, Willam & Shangela to impersonate her over different time periods in her career for her upcoming music video, Woman's World. Sources say that Cher was not on set while filming today & that she may not even make an appearance in her own video. Can't wait to see how this one unfolds.



  1. god this site is pathetic. give it up. no one comes on here anymore.

  2. Check your sources again hunni. Willam was not selected for this project I am on the video instead of Willam. I'll be portraying 80's Cher

  3. Guess this was a lie.

  4. Or they just got cut. Maybe a lyric video... ? The source was on set maybe it got scraped. Maybe it was a lie... We are wrong, rarely but sometimes it happens.


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