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Andrew Christian

Andrew Gruver & Ryan Carrillo are Allegedly Suing Lisa Vanderpump??

GG & Carmen


  1. Paul B. from Block PartyAugust 15, 2013 at 12:14 PM

    Andrew Gruver is a POSER.

    No MONEY. Just drink tickets.

    It's funny how his 3 second Cameo on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing for Villa Tequila NEVER happened, after staging a FAKE reality segement.

    Now this troll is demanding money from the Queen Mrs. Vanderpump? Bitch please, Bar Varsity was NEVER going to happen, just because you popped Molly and had a dream like MLK does not mean mean that Bar Varisty will ever appear in our wonderful community. You are trash, and how did you loose all that weight? Hm...I wonder what "Virus" you contracted.


  2. HAHAH Lisa has NO idea who Andrew the troll is!

    Actually who is he?

    Last time I checked he is from a small YE-HAW town back in upstate Washing ya'll

  3. um if you look at the lower left hand side of Andrew Glover's picture it says 2009.

    Um that is almost 4 years old, and boy in 4 years can meth mess up a face!

    1. Im sorry but Andrew as a close friend, we all joke behind your back. You have no real job, because pretending to rent/renovate imaginary property.

      This is very sick...

  4. Gruver & Carillo are pretentious lying destroyer posers and have no business operating a business in Weho.

  5. Joe Hollywood they are suing your beste#hillcreste. What say ye?

  6. Nothing these hores is ever true. Lisa don't know who they are. So how is anyone going to know. Tired ass queens. Send that ye haw back to broke back mountain and deport that other one to Mexico and if he was born here just drop him off in Huntington park. They are too ugly for weho. While we're at it, lets out the rest of these sorry ass losers.

  7. Maybe those two could open a hot dog cart outside P.U.M.P.?

  8. Carrillo and Gruver. Two lying, losers. Carrillo gets fired from the abbey and thinks he is some kind of celebrity because he was on some second rate amaizng race 5 years ago with his boyfriend that he constantly cheated on, but a bag on it you horse faced big teethed poisonous fame whore. All you do is lie and scheme and you are never going to be famous. Gruver you should have used the 250k you embezzled from Jerry and put it in the bank instead of using it to get plastic surgery, hookers like Cory Lee and nose candy. I can't believe that those fools didn't press charges because you told them you were too coked out to know what you were doing when you were stealing their money. Best part is that Carillo was involved in this little scheme too. Now you two loser lowlifes are sueing Lisa for buying a business from someone you tried but failed to buy a business from what 6 years ago? Did you think that building was supposed to stay empty till the end of time until you two douchebags got your shit together or perhaps embezzled more money from another rich daddy to pay for it. Now because Lisa is involved suddenly you see $$$ and a way to pay your rent besides your fart faced boyfriends bartending job while you sit around trying to make some sort of reality fame happens hard as you can and let's face it Gruver just needs the money for his sex change and to stay out of jail and get back in with Jerry. You two have had to many chances and never knew what to do with that ladder you were so busy climbing. This latest stunt cements you as the two biggest jokes in the history of LA. The fact that you both hate each other makes this even better since you are both so dirt poor you have to join forces to try and get more money from someone who actually knows what real work is, get a life douchbags.

    1. ^^^ That is uh-mazing.

      THIS is wat wehoconf is all about! God bless Uhmerica!

  9. I work at the Abby and have the TEA!August 16, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    Hi everyone, can we ask Jerry Murray what andrew did with HIS money?

  10. Im not afraid to ask what happined to Jeryy murrays money? What dod YOU do with it andrew?

    Can you tell us? even tho i am black tell me

  11. Gruver would just spend all that money in a month on coke if he won.

  12. Puh-lease! Even if you take these loser, fame-whore nobodies out of the equation, can we just talk about how they wanted to have a bar called "BAR VARSITY"?? Gee, a jock/gym-themed bar in weho? Real original! This place would have been a big disaster, with two messy "owners" stumbling out of the front doors every night, before closing them permanently a month later because THEY HAVE NO MONEY!! (What a great entry that would make under "The Rent" though.)

    PUMP is going to be FABULOUS just like everything else Lisa does. She is the true Queen of Weho, and I hope these dumb bitches who are suing her aren't allowed within 500ft of PUMP's line around the block! BUT- since Lisa will be making money hand over fist at this place she'll probably do the classy thing... send them a few drink tickets.


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