The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin



  1. The African American Boy deserves to be dead, he was loitering around PRIVATE property up to know good to rob.

    ZIMMERMANS job is to secure the area.

    The Black man was beating the shit out of him! Of course he would blow his brains out!


    This isn't racist at all.

    If a nigger came at you, you would do the same exact thing, I work in retail and I am not affraid to call the Coppers

    1. are you gonna say he deserves to be dead for loitering...are you retarded ... thats fucked up...he was 17 kid making some bad choices ... have some respect. I agree that it definitely doesn't seem to be a racial issue ....however you using the word nigger is .... its like you didn't listen to a word Stefan said.

  2. He is dead. Everyone including balck people should just move on and stop wasting tax money on courts. Just get high and come inside my anuuuuus

  3. I need a 72 inches plasma TV...where are the riots tonight?

  4. Yes let's all listen to what a skinhead white supremacist thinks about this case... and the footage he provided in regards to obama advocating "hitting" discredited his entire argument.

  5. Paul Boulon is the love child of Paula Dean and Miss Piggy


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