Andrew Christian
July 8, 2013

Steve Grand's "All American Boy" Video - Starring a Porn Star ? ?

Steve Grand is the homolicious OUT Gay Country Singer who is taking over America one butt hole at a time right NOW !! Over the course of his new video Steve attempts to hookup "fall in love" with the All-American-Straight-Fantasy-BOY that we all secretly desire. His honest approach as an artist is addictive & his sweet country voice just makes us wanna pull our knees to our chests.

Just like in real life.... It turns out that his "male muse" is reallly a pornstar @ FratMEN.TV & of course we have the proof hunty...

Neo & GG


  1. What a poor example of talent and what a horrible video!

    1. Who in the hell are these random names? Colby Melvin? You moved here in May 2012, wait your line in turn you wanna be WeHo Diva. Same with Jeffrey Hawkins, last time I checked moving from the Midwest to Glendale slums isn't so "WeHo!"

      Where are the Original West Hollywood stars? Yes I mean the ones that ran the town and always will run the town! They may be messy, but you must bow down to them in a Mean Girl Monopoly. Now work the cat run:

      I am talking as

      •Regina George as Bobby Trendy / Jonathon Chang(Most Famous)

      •Ms. Norbury as Seth Apper (Drug Pusher)

      •Mr. Duvall as Jimmy Chen and Lucas John (Principal of WeHo)

      •Gretchen Wieners as Murray Swanby (She is full of secrets!)

      •Cady Heron as Cory Lee (He will turn his back on you in a split second!)

      •Karen Smith as Joe Hollywood & Pej (One of the dumbest girls you will ever meet.)

      • Janis Ian as Candis Cayne (You're plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic!)

    2. LMAO that has to be the comment of the week

  2. Stop writing this shit everyone, if a weho cast of the mean girls is the only smart thing you could think of... enough said.

  3. I wanna suck his cock

  4. i want to swallow his load three times a day!!!!!!!!


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