Sayonara Steve Machuca

It looks like Eleven Nightclub has finally given this local promoter the boot. Chuukey claims he quit but insiders have been quick to claim he was fired.

Is Steve Machuca officially done in the WeHo scene? 
We think so.



  1. Replies
    1. his p90x class is a joke, he farts all the time during sqats, had to quite cause all i smelled was beans.

      ps have you seen his once? its so tiny and no backyard, i wonder how many poeple he had to scam at bars to get that piece of shit.

      PS u are a lier, and you lied about giving out White party tickets and you never went through

  2. steve talks shit behind everyone's back. this was no accident.

  3. he passes tooo much gas


  4. Nice looking man...

  5. of course they fired the black guy. so racist!

  6. ScottyVers is nasty. No wonder you disabled comments. Wouldnt fuck him with Lucas button dick

  7. Too bad the Palms was torn down. He could have partnered up with local failure Anthony Cortez.


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