1. Not only was i FULL of GLEE i was full of his laod when came inside my man cave that nite we got high on th evapors of Tina that incenerated my nostrils that cinged the hair in my nostrils!! Yes i took his load he took mines an dit was nite of heathens i tell you!! Laganga Estranga was yelling at Sjangelea on how she will take the crown on Drag race and that nite Langa Asked WHO Morgan was and threw a drink in Morgans face -- it was a nite!! All teh while i puffed a cigeratte knowing that Cake Moss passed gas in Murrays Face over a bag of tIna!

  2. black SKINNNED Barbie Travvana Martin HITLERJuly 14, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    IN the Name of Travon Martin- I will masterbate with my Guliteen spiked dildow tonite as i read the poetry of Maya Angeloo as my lungs inhale poppers in the economy size that I stole from Unicorn alley last month all the while Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star plays in the back ground as I invison Paula Dean dancing nude before me and that Seal would be her dance party as he would be nude as well slpaping her with that cock that Hiedi Klum once placed in her orafices and allowed a full ejaculation to occcure when she had jungle fever!!!!
    I would be wearing my Andrew Chrstian nano briefs that I stole friday nite that i placed in one of thier jack spade bags and i simpley walked out the door with as the sales people were to busy checking their Grinder and face books to notice i was there to steall not shop!

    In teh name of Tavon Martin - may Morgan and Sahara Benet get on Tv once more by having them sleves arrested for porsotitootong in Riverside for sunflower seeds as Langanga may take home the crown!!

  3. You're one sick bitch! Why must you litter this site with such trashy comments? Because you have nothing else to do on Sunday Funday. You're a freak dude.

    1. Black Angeloo Travon Barbiw MateelJuly 14, 2013 at 3:43 PM

      In the NAME of Travon I beseech you and your anus!! May you have the urine of Maya Angelooo drizzle down your throat like the syrup at The Griddle on Sunset and may the slit of your penis be filled with lemon juice an dcayanne peppers before 1 insert your penis and scrotum in my mouth and clench my teeth on it all and gnaw it off like a Pit bull seeing red meat after not eating for 3.5 days!!
      Also may the the feacl matter of jone betnets final bowel movement fill your lungs as you gargle the tears of a thousand unwed single mothers cry in th esun for thier EBT card to arrive in Harlem on a hot summer midafternoon!

  4. Now he'll never again have to worry about getting those Mongoloid eyes to open wider.

  5. Black Travon BarbieJuly 14, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    In the name of Travon I beseech any one who does not get high tonite in celbration of Summer!
    I have my drugs and my anus ready! Yes yes im eager to get high tonite wont you all join me!! will the balcks n white n Hitites join me in an indian ceremony at the 7 eleven on Cranshaw and washington for a group hugs full of knives and guns and lace and peonies?

  6. I wanted to fuck him so bad!

  7. I wonder if his anus was bleached recently?

  8. Fuck that drug addict! I hope they take that shitty show off too!


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