Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres - Talk Show Queens & Financial Dreams



  1. I am all for Ellen's success both in her celebrity and personal life, but I don't think she can overtake Oprah in the run for the billions. Oprah has the early worm advantage though, and she's got some amazing minions from almost all age brackets, Of course her major support group are women who followed her throughout 25+ years of daytime TV and now her book club. Of course, we can give Ellen some more love, who knows what lies ahead! And besides, she can be the richer one, with Portia as her partner. Also, finding Dory could prove finding more and more dollars for Ellen. So cheers to both of these amazing women!

    1. While Ellen may be a poor second to Oprah in the minion dollars game (and there's no crying over that), she's got some nice talents of her own that's beyond talk show hosting. Getting a spunky Saturn Award for best supporting actress for a voice role is something rare. And she's definitely one of American Idol's smartest judges (a long time ago, huh), and I think a lot of people would love to see her in the same role. The Voice next, perhaps? I think with the variety of things that she can pull off, it can be possible she can meet Oprah's billion marks in the years to come!


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