"My Boyfriend Looks Like Adam Levine" Syndrome

No Hunty. HE DON'T. This an't shade - this is the truth. He looks NOTHING like him.

If we hear one more queen at the Abbey tell some hipster from Silverlake that he looks like ADAM LEVINE we will shit blood. And bet your BORROWED DOLLAR; it will be a Bloody Mary! 

Case#: 8,934,120,732

Mother Meth


  1. I'm more annoyed by the hash tags, personally.

  2. Bryce Chandler HillJuly 23, 2013 at 7:08 AM


    Having dark hair and a typical Jew nose/Jew face does not an Adam Levine lookalike make.

  3. It's not really your fault if drunk people keep telling you that you look like him. And then ask you to be the grand marshal for pride next year because they had no idea who Maria Menounos is...

    It does make you a douche if you hashtag it on facebook.

  4. That's an insult to Adam..he's ugly

  5. Crap ... the bloviating gasbag is back whining about this site again.

  6. this site is a joke. nobody cool or interesting comes here. just jaded and annoying wannabes. no people with brains look at this trash. it's a reflection of the black soul of the guy who runs this site. it will never be anything.

  7. This post actually made me throw up in my mouth. Poor Adam Levine!! What did he ever do to anyone?? And enough with the hashtags, girls of Weho! If I see one more bitch hashtag a celebrity name, the word sex or sexy, rich, wealthy or blessed I'm going to scream.
    I don't just mean these two queens, I mean everyone. How about hastagging something real? Maybe #Gay #Bottom #PowerBottom #Broke #Brokebitch #brokebitchmountain #busted #empty #vapid #TheValley? Just a few suggestions, but feel free to be creative.

  8. He kinda does look like him.

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