Music To Fu*k To: Jeffree Star - Love To My Cobain

It's been a long time since Jeffree Star has made music we like. He has roots with the lead singer of AFI and is relatively decent in his lower register. Until now, we were never blown away. We have no clue what the hell he's doing with Akon anymore, as Akon barley has a career. 

Anywhooooo, his new single, "Love To My Cobain" is a testament to his creative ability. 

We really love this song. Listen Below!

If we were ever sure about anything, it's that Jeffree Star will do whatever the f*ck Jeffree Star wants!

Now go have sex for an iPod Nano and download this track.

Mother Meth


  1. It's really good. Espesh in a car! BOOM!

    1. Who? Popular 10 years old?

      This old man just needs to stop, Jeffrey Stienger from the orange county that is POZ and lives with his mother is the biggest joke!

  2. Isn't he a little old to still be dressing like a rebellious teenager? Time to join the real world.

  3. who is the hottie in the pic with him?

  4. Joe Hollywood is on Tv Jefreey live in th eOC with his mother! I carrys a fake Chanel bag he bought in canl street!

  5. what happened to the hilarious andrew christian post? some one strong-arm this site to take it down? lmao lame...........

  6. No, seriously...who is the hot guy? Don't care about the nasty tranny.

  7. I was "friends" with JS for a whole summer and he was awesome. She fucked my pussyhole so good.

  8. I have **NO IDEA** why Jeffree Star isn't famous yet.


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