How Do These People Pay Their Rent?



  1. Blowquandra on Vermont!July 2, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    Oh I sure do remember the night I spent at that apartmint!! That black ate my asshole and the mollaases that dripped out of it for hours while he sang sweetly into my ears "Mary had a lil lamb"
    He then placed my asshole on top of his face as he lay there eatiing my asshole as if it were thanksgiving dinner in Uragauay as he at the same time had a pivoting vibrator shaped like the fists of Mr Clean up his asshole making him squrim like a red headed step child before her next orrgasm!!! All the while this was going on the white one would dance before us HIgh on the loving vapors of Tina dancing like a marriontte doll that too was high on the vapors of Tina to know left from right! You should have seen her eyes ! I wanted to suck them eyes out then open up her asshole and spit them right up her mancave!!! The white ones skin is so blotchy Id love to SKIN him alive and peel that skin off his body and make me a pairshower curtains out of that flesh of his!!! And his asshole Id like to carve out to make a lil nose on my teddy bear !!! And his bones id love to hang on my apt balcony as a wind chime to welcome the East Wardly winds from Pomona and Santa ana to my apartmint here on Vermont and Slauson!!
    What a nite that was in that smelly roached infested apatmint! Girl let me tell you - the place was so dust the Roaches road around on dune buggys!!! And you should see how that white one looks in the morning- when he walks in the room the Mice jump up on the chairs! The white one is so dumb- i walked into th eroom one morning-idiot was so dumb he about starangled himself with a cordless phone!Furthermore it took him 3 DAYS to watch 48 hours!! And girl, you should SEE how that black one look in the early mornings- so ugly he has to SNEAK up to glass of water to get a drink! And his hair is so nappy it speaks in Tongues!! When he needs a Fix let me tell you girl he wil steal the crack on yur behind! His head is getting so bald you could see his thoughts!! And he smeel so dang bad it will singe the hair in ur nostrils!!
    I swear I wouldnt be lying bout all this!
    I would have a sanwich made of cold cuts of my own tongue if i was lieing to you folks!
    But any ways i gotta go get on the red line to head into town buy some pumpkin seeds and tampons for this weeks celbrations down in Leimert park!


  2. I slapped the white queen at Fubar in the face

  3. The "white queen"... U must be taljing about the poz ryab schultze.. Just a fat failed broadway wanna-be dancer whos dreamss of the stage will be crushed by his love for little boys if not by his large stomach! Dont go sending your kids to the youth academy of dramatic arts this nasty pig bottom scum works there... UHG!

  4. Ryan is Traaaaash and I do remember when he drank my piss behind Fubar ! H eeven asked for my Shit!


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