Dear Rusty Domhoff,

We know that you cat fished you know who on Grindr and others in Weho using this profile picture to get other people's nudes.

And Grindr executives reported the other fake "poz"profile you've posted claiming to be you know who. Creating a false profile is a felony offense btw.

You've also gossiped about you know who at the gym recently. The same person who has chosen to keep you off of this site for several months now.

If you would like to continue this game we will hire a lesbian private investigator to get the bottom of all of your illegal activities, file charges and sue you. This website has never once been sued, you can look it up and for that we have to thank our bulldog attorney, Jeff.

If this activity continues... anyone you photograph with, check-in with, tweet with, any club whom lets you cut the line, any dealer/friend who gives you a little bump and any secret or silly mishapyou have will be processed... Accordingly!!!

Did you think that you were accidentally left off of our top most annoying people on FB by accident or by luck of the WeHo Gods? We didn't want to read 50 comments about what a whore you are either. It was done out of sympathy for you and your situation.


Ps- You've created a false sense of fame for yourself through social media, which is probably the reason you have so many haters commenting about you even though we haven't been writing you up. Blame yourself dude.


  1. LOL!!! I LOVE IT!! this piece of trash is so annoying.


  2. Ah what a great way to cap off the night!I love WEHO Confidential!!! Hysterical!

  3. That fucking Rusty Rooftop is disgusting as hell!! his face is hideous, his skinny body covered in tats too.. yuck@

  4. Rusty is so crazy. On facebook he writes about "bro" this and "dude" that...but in person is so feminine with his queenie little fag voice.

  5. Does he really believe he is "famous"? People only know him to laugh at him. He is complete trash. Calling Beverly Hills and Hollywood his town yet he grew up in a shit hole in Northridge where his dad still ives in an apartment and he checks in at the apartment complex pool as "Domhoff Palazzo". Rusty, you will never be able to live at the Palazzo. Please leave OUR town this in NOT YOUR TOWN. We could go on and on as far as how trashy and gross you are.

  6. fake givenchy shirt = trash.

  7. Oh boy. Keep shitting on this douche. Actually, go further. The outmoded arrogance and self obsession belies a tragic insecurity. Like all stupid, anonymous, ex-teen model nobodies with no talent no how, he projects a false image of himself that only makes people giggle. he tells everybody he is 32, when we all know he is closer to 40 (even his familia lie about their age to match his fakery)-

  8. Who are these people? Lol. I've been reading your website lately and it's so much fun. All these new people in WeHo while I've been traveling the world. Thanks so much for everything! Great job Lucas! I wouldn't be so lucky if I didn't meet you.


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