Colby Melvin is a Mother Fu(king Merman:

We'd hit it!!



  1. Probably the worst photoshop I have ever witnessed!

    FYI the people of WeHo should know that their marriage is LEGIT how ever its open.

    Damn can those grown men go off their separate ways and take loads into wee hours in the morning at different parties! Awesome marriage, I want that! Love cum parties, especially the next day when you fart and nothing but seamen falls out! Brandon Brown named it a "Cum Fart." I named his a BROWN COLBYJACK!

    PS does Colby have MS? He cannot walk correctly, very sad, Don't worry girl I'll beat the faggot out of you to make you walk straight again.

    1. Greg (X porn sta)July 22, 2013 at 5:08 PM

      ^ Ya it is kinda gross how when at the bars they flirt like love birds and then at after hours both have different DNA from random men swimming around their asshole as if it was the 2011 Summer Olympics.

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to term Ocean Pollution. Does photo shop have the ability to show us HIV+ fish?

  3. This is certainly not new news! I am not surprised to hear about Colby and his behavior, being that his BF/husband has does the same for years! I hope the Truvada is protecting unknowing suspects from years of agony and deadly viruses.


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