Christopher Clark's (James Ryder) Latest!!!

NEW and IMPROVED? Or OLD AND USED? We can't tell. That eye don't open very wide.

Here's a quote we think Christopher would like for her Facebook.

"Experience is the name we give to our mistakes."

R2D2 (beep beep)


  1. He is so NASTY. He was drunk at fiesta one time and he told me he had sex with over 5,000 men. That is so gross, before he told me that I fingered his ass and my finger felt like a hotdog in a hallway. So nasty, and so sad that his own grandparents have no idea that he is a porn slut and a sad waste of American Spirit. Disappear in to darkness bitch!

  2. He's hot and I would hit it with my button cock

    Xox Lucas

  3. He super ass sexxxy and he's a nice guy to top it off. Love me some C.Clark.


  4. I think it is great that Christopher is working hard under his secret identities of "Seth Adams" and "James Ryder". Christopher got came into the scene in 2006 with his performance in ThreshHold Media's "Bareback Trash" and 7 years later continues to delight people who stumble across his films and squint their eyes and say "OMG that looks just like...".

    I saw we give a big WeHo salute to Christopher...err...Seth...err...James... for something.

    Required Reading:

  5. Is this Kyle Hubers site? Guys in sweatpants? The biggest piece of trash in Weho

  6. How about you guys stop giving this trash so much attention. I'm sure deep down inside he loves the free publicity. What he does to make a buck is really not breaking news.


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