A Quote From Smooches Galore ~

"Some girls' fans bring them coinz, some bring drinks, mine bring me chicken nuggets"


PS- Too bad our Landlord doesn't accept "nuggets"!!


  1. This is not Riverside Confidential

  2. HoochieMamaJonesJuly 10, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    Who and what is this thing?

  3. That wig looks like it's about to get up and crawl away.

  4. Are those hooves?

  5. Where's the pinky or thumb? Used up wannabe.

  6. nigi travon marton/mothetrhersaJuly 10, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    Just a nigger

  7. you're all late....smooches galore is one of the best up and coming queens! you'll be eating your words one day and in the meantime have a nugget, hatas

  8. Are you serious? Give a FAGGOT equal right and they will turn right
    around and STILL BE HATEFUL!
    KARMA is a wonderful think, you nasty pigs will get what's coming
    I cannot wait!!!!!

  9. You all need to shut the big F up. She was one of my first morgasms when nobody knew me; she is sweet, nice and funny plus she cleans my house on alternative Tuesdays with Mayhem. I have them in a biweekly rotation, and I also got Smooches a day job with a cleaning company cleaning houses. MORGASM!!!!!!!!


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