Andrew Christian
July 9, 2013

A Message From Varak: Teen Wolf vs Gay Porn

"Omg so i'm watching the new teen wolf episode and one of the twins is naked in bed with the gay guy of the show and they're making out and rubbing each that means they're both doing gay porn right? i mean that's what everyone says when they see me kiss Swanby on camera in a jockstrap. I rest my case."



  1. Who is this guy and what is wrong with his eyebrows?

  2. Ummm, does he seriously not understand the difference between a NETWORK TELEVISION SHOW scene, and the sleazy, sloppy kisses in a shitty Andrew Christian video in between teabagging and pulling their dicks out?

    He's delusional if he can't see why doing an AC video make you look trashy.

  3. I'm sure this will flood with a bunch of gay bashing, bullshit messages talking shit on all the andrew christian boys. cause everyone throws hate. which is why we dont see gay kissing on tv and its looked at as non social norm in all of these scenarios. Support is not what you will find from this site. HATERS.

  4. Why do irrelevant people always feel entitled to voice their irrelevant opinion. Wax.Your.Eyebrow.Immediately

  5. i don't think he can see or think correctly unless he gets a waxing. wtf are those? and dude, you know that tv shows aren't real, right?

  6. I think he has a point.

  7. UGGHHHHHH.... Andrew Christian boys are as morally bankrupt as porn stars, but dumber and without making pornstar money. Another vapid gay slut with no career, no prospects and nothing to offer anyone except a hot piece of ass and a whole lotta attitude.
    Instead of crying that everyone picks on you for being a worthless softcore porn whore and delusionally thinking they're actually jealous of you because you have a good body (and absolutely nothing else), prove them wrong by actually doing something valuable with your life by using your brain- not your hole.


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