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Music To Fu*k To: Jeffree Star - Love To My Cobain

Song Of The Week: Brooke Candy - DUMB

A Message To Yevve Eell AKA Yoyo:

Dear Rusty Domhoff,

Where 2 Be - Abbey's Lip Service Drag Contest 7.29.13 - Mondays

Ummmm... hot!

2013's Top 10 Most Annoying People on Facebook (Nominees & Voting Poll)


Where 2 Be: Stripper Circus Wednesday 7/24/13

Slammer Time: Seth Apper is Back in Jail 06.12.13

Gurl, We All Know Beyonce Started The Baby Trend!

Hi My Name is .. Matthew Lush - Age 28

Spotted @ Micky's: Raven Simon & Yara Sofia #thatssoraven

"My Boyfriend Looks Like Adam Levine" Syndrome

Hot Teen Tranz Couple

Colby Melvin is a Mother Fu(king Merman:

Where 2 Be: Pajama Party Monday Night @Fubar!! 07/22/13

Christopher Clark's (James Ryder) Latest!!!

ScottyVers Just Updated His Profile Pictures on

Sayonara Steve Machuca

Ken Rambo Vigil Slated for 7/19/13

Where 2 Be: Fashion Show Mister Triple X - 07.19.13


Look Into My Eyes...

RIP Ken Rambo 07.17.13

Reminder: You Have 15 Days Till Rents Due

Die Antwoord - "Cookie Thumper" (Official Video)