Welcome to the GayborHood: Brandon Cowell

Brandon sure does love to clog up our facbook feeds with pictures of his extremely wrinkled forehead. Seriously..  this kid is serving non-stop wrinkle crinkle forehead pictures seems to be a full time job for him. And the sad part is that he thinks he looks cute when he does this & no one wants to tell him the truth. 

Honey... if you have to cringe & scrounge that much just to get a  quasi-asymmetrical face pic you should at least take the extra 10 seconds and wipe that forehead clean with a blur tool in photoshop.

Good luck !!

All T, No Shade!



  1. I followed him since he still lived in Florida. Guess San Fran didnt work for him

  2. gotta say, that's actually good advice

  3. You have to have HIV in San Francisco if you want to live there. It's what all the cool kids are doing. And I like my wrinkles, I've earned them.

  4. Knew him in Orlando... KRAZY!

  5. Yikes he looks rough. How old is he?

  6. he use to be the local cum dumpster of orlando

  7. Thought he was cute til I saw he was on Rentboy.com


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