To Do List Victim #009: Have You Met Max ? ? ?

WeHo's Summer "IT BOY" has been making his rounds .... almost every night of the week with the most obvious local characters. You're bound to see MAX out & about soon enough.
We wonder who will have at him first Andrew Christian or a local bar slut ? ? ?

Any who... if you see this cutie pie out be sure to say hi for US!!


PS - We'd suck the wind out of his fartbox anytime.


  1. Is something wrong with his tongue?

  2. Who is the guy he is with in the middle picture? That one is ALWAYS with Caesar Torres as well.

  3. He is an LA 6 hunty.
    Already addicted to botox and collagen at such a young sage means no self confidence and ugly inside and soon over done on the outside.
    Go home queen, this is no longer the LA of the 80's that's full of pretentious shallow bottom feeding bores.

  4. Max is trying to hard to climb that social ladder. He is boring, dumb, and transparent. Nothing new. He won't last in LA long because he is clearly jobless and trying to find any way to stay. At any means. He is cuter in his pictures than in person. His personality is even worse because he is ugly on the inside. He is a snake and everybody knows it. He is just another boy who comes out to Weho and tries to use his mediocre looks to his advantage. Plus, he has already been around.


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