The Real Queens of Tiger Heat

Ingenue looks great in fuchsia & Samantha Starr stole Detox's signature earrings.
These are the current faces of Tiger Beat Heat in case you didn't kmow.



  1. This is one of the strangest/saddest photos I've ever seen. It's like the adult version of special ed class.

  2. nothing about this is good

  3. seriously? is there no talent to be had in this town? they all look like they are waiting for the shortbus to arrive. ingenue looks like she is about to take a sh!t like always, Samantha is giving her "good side" with that busted smile and hair-line, and who keeps punching Lorayne in the eye? Can she STOP thinking she is Ms.Conception? There is not enough talent for the both of them. DREADFUL!


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