The New F Word Campaign

The New F Word campaign from co- founder Elliot London and Ronnie Kroel is a photo campaing about empowering those who have been bullied while fighting to prevent it. In the words of Tim Gun "F you frankly, I'm amazing the way I am and accept that". Will the infamous hand gesture make a difference ? ? ?

If you'd like to learn more click here.

Vanilla Beano


  1. So this is how Elliot is paying his rent these days. Finally one of his scams hit. Another scam, another kickstarter from this "film maker."

  2. Apparently no one informed Vanilla that Elliot is a modern day con-artist!!

  3. Watching hasbeens and famewhores bringing Elliot's new and let's give him credit, BEST con has been one of the more entertaining parodies unfolding in real life. He's a loser who couldn't come up an original idea (Hey let's knock off Lady Gaga, dead kids, NOH8)if it hit him in his square face. To see Ronnie, who I actually thought was nice, fully participating in this thing is actually the most disgusting part of it. Oh hey! We're on ET, so here's another indiegogo for more money. Trash.

  4. Using charity to fund their film projects doesn't seem shady, it seems like a smart business plan that actually helps people in the process. Genius really as long as they are honest and upfront that they are doing this to prosper their careers, not b/c they actually give a shit about the charity

  5. What charity? What charity has NOH8 given to? Or what actual funds donated into an endless 4th or 5th kickstarter with no accountability going to except publicists and dumb hats? London is one of those guys who has been around LA forever who no one knows and no one knows what he does, except he's a former waiter who found an endless line of sympathetic people to give him money.


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