Sharon Needles will NOT RuPaulogize:

After making a nazi/Hitler joke in Vienna last week & dropping the N-BOMB Sharon Needles says she won't apologize for her race related jokes. 

Are Nazi jokes & N-Bombs really words!!?

Are you with her or against her?

Why don't these people go after rappers who exploit themselves and use racist self deprecating language? Why not go after them? Because those rich ass rappers don't give a fu(k about these dumb a$$ b!tches.



  1. OMG regardless how she/he feels about black people, the N word, whatever, those guys literally ambushed her

  2. Lucas hunty, you keep posting all those Drag Race people and things but what we really really REALLY wanna know is: WHY WAS CHANEL PERILLO FIRED FROM LOGO AND WORLD OF WONDER? Are you going to post anything about it? #nOtSoRrYbOuTiT

  3. Check the time stamp on this video. I'd venture a guess to say that it isn't about the Life Ball.

  4. Who cares about Sharon! Her and jinkx are losers this is what happens when you give weirdos any attention or recognition. They think they don't have to apologize for anything and are above everyone.


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