Sayonara Irv's Burgers:

Apparently Irv's Burgers was given a 30 day notice to vacate their burger shack which means they will be forced to close their doors very soon. For some odd reason the eyesore burger shack was designated a historical landmark by the tasteless folks at city hall. 

Signage wrapped around the adjacent empty parking lot promotes a new restaurant called "The Beach". One tagline indicates that "The Sand is Coming" to take over the existing location. Will the backwards folks at city hall revoke the burger shack's historical landmark status so that property can accomodate a new restaurant?

We'll keep you posted!


PS- The beautiful craftsmen homes in town & the art deco buildings on Havenhurst should be historical landmarks.. 
not decrepit old burger shacks.


  1. STFU and learn...

    The historical story behind Irv's Burgers is a fascinating weave of colorful stories. According to Mollie Zucker, who owned the original stand Queensburger (1950) (photo at left), from 1958-1973, the stand served as a ‘local’ for many Los Angeles actors, both known and unknown; its devoted regulars included John Cassavettes, Gena Rowlands, Sally Marr (mother of comedian Lenny Bruce), and Shelly Winters. Tucker Smith, the actor/dancer best known for his role as “Ice” in West Side Story, lived in the apartment building next door and often brought the ‘Sharks’ and the ‘Jets’ over between filming on the sound stage. As Los Angeles rapidly developed into the center of the 60s and early 70s burgeoning music scene, one could often spot Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin among the regulars. Linda Ronstadt used the roadside stand as a backdrop for the album art for one of her best-selling recordings ("Living in the USA", photo below). Even then, what’s now known as Irv’s Burgers had a reputation for great food; Mollie's husband went to Fairfax Avenue’s legendary Diamond Bakery every morning at 5 a.m. to get fresh breads and purchased the prime meat for the hamburgers at the now defunct Arrow Market, the last of the independent neighborhood family grocery stores.

  2. I hope they can figure out how to keep Irvs and ave this new place open.

  3. who cares. move on... this is old shit

  4. @ 11:49 pm. Thank you for that. Gossip Gurl (GG) is an idiot.


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