Sammy aka Cake Moss's Ad:

We do love us some Cake Moss!!
Her on stage presence can not be beat, her baking skills are a real treat but it seems as if her marketable bedroom talents are not very discrete. 

A lesson to all of WeHo's children:
If you're going to market your a$$ at least cover up your mug gurl.

Blue Ivy & GG


  1. What's cake moss? This guy was an extra on Glee. An ignorant racist

  2. LOL! Chris Stone! Why am I not surprised you're behind this? Still hating your life that much you have to try so hard to ruin others? I find this hilarious! No publicity is bad publicity.

  3. PS that limerick at the top of the page is brilliant!!

  4. Him and his dancer friends are all on Cam 4!

  5. I thought escorts were supposed to be attractive. Who would pay for this? If I were this I would keep putting on a wig and some heels for $25 at all the local bars. If I'm gonna pay $2500 I want a fine piece of ass!

  6. Model???? That's funny! That top pic looks like a crackhead's mugshot

  7. Guess he/she's not as big as he/she thinks since barely anyone seems to be commenting on this. Is this the queen voted off first from that wannabe drag contest at Mickys?

  8. Seth Apper has left a big hole in the hooker industry.

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