Rhea Litré "America's Next Hot Bottom: Theme Song" Official Music Video

Here's another song about bottoms....

To be honest we do love Rhea Litre' with all of her fierceness & in her latest music video she seems to be doing what she does best... BLOWING IT!!!

The song is good... for the first 5 seconds & the rest is total crap & the video is even worse. The bottoms boys are less desirable than a vagina at the Abbey & at no point do you see anything hot, sexy or even mildly entertaining.

If Rhea is just trying to keep up with the "Drag Jones's"  her generic copycat bullsh!t is not doing her any favors whatsoever. At the rate Rhea's going she should probably just apply for a job at the thrift store because all she's giving us right now is recycled T-cells goods. In fact we'd rather go to a KingQueen concert than hear this WHOREndous song/routine ever again.. at least KingQueen gives us the giggles. All T no shade honnay!

GG & Blue Ivy


  1. The more drag songs the better. At least the music is original and not a parody version of a Top 40 single. More please!

    1. How is this not a parody? It's a song modeled after ANTM. Wow, how fucking original...... FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF!

  2. WTF... terrible.

  3. Yes hunny put this bitch in her place! She needs to get her life

  4. Embarrassing!! Terrible is an understatement! "It's rhea bitch" Is this britney 2009?! What a joke!

  5. another drag queen making music.....manila luzon is a hot mess who keeps making music on autotune....now here comes another one!

  6. MESS!!!!!!! Everything about this feels like 2004. The models, the "song," the drag queen (or is that a drowned rat?), and the filming/editing. Mess mess mess! Somebody put everyone involved out of their misery and report this trash to YouTube for violating standards of decency.

  7. wow she is so ugly and tired + sad ewww

    poor people thought theyd be famous beacus eshe printed HOT BOTTOM on cardstock


  8. Can we please talk about other terrible drag queens and their music. Like Raja belting out techno crap synth "club" music with Barry White tones in a B Flat, just like her B stung boy tits. That whore does more drugs and talks more shit. If you sluts only knew. Rhea, on the other hand sounds like Lady Gaga and Beyonce had a baby. Then they flushed it down the toilet. Willam is the only gifted one. He's fishy and sings well. It's always the trashy trailer park girls that work the hardest. Who is this bitch Chanel everyone is always humping? That cunt has shit breath and is annoying as fuck. If I ever see her wearing a fucking floppy J.Lo sun hat, I will smack it right off her face. Summer is here and I'll be waiting for you whore. People only like you cause you wash RuPaul's pussy or get them into World of Wonder parties. Speaking of whore and pussy, Billy Francesca - You look like the circus made a stop, threw you off the train and left your gay ass in West Hollywood. I think you bought MAC cosmetics out of blue eyeshadow. Stop wearing those ugly fucking corsets, you offspring of Bobby Trendy. Less lip gloss please. Less of everything.
    Back to music. I would rather get fisted by 50 guys, have my bloodied ass used by an elephant and scoot across the ground on broken glass for an hour, than hear another fucking iTune flop flood my ears at some lame ass stank club in boys town made by a man who tucks his balls and 3 inch cock in his ass crack. I hope you get diarrhea before you can pull the tape off.


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