Andrew Christian
June 30, 2013


Xxx GG


  1. Um... Detox and Vicky did this already. It was funny then.

  2. Since she has never looked like a woman this is no longer ironic. Therefore this can only be public indecent exposure and law officials should step in and arrest it. If they deem it appropriate to beat her during the arrest that would just be icing on the cake, after all that will be the only contact it will get this year. I hope it had a happy pride because when I see things like this I feel nothing but shame.

  3. Poor thing. What a sad story. No effort. And who is this anyway? Why do this site keep post this guy for all to see. What special about him? He is just an ungly guy with stink lip.

    It's face is very not nice to look at.

  4. Thank Jesus population control is in full effect. Sodium fluoride in the water and BPH in the plastic. The gay gene does not exist its a media induced coma to stop humans like this from laying eggs and procreating.

    God is great. Burn witch!

  5. That doesn't look like NYC pride... there's a palm tree.

  6. What is wrong with people and their concept of Pride? It's not fucking a Adult Con porn convention.

  7. what size shoe does this bitch wear? fucking clown. her and that hair need to disappear. and someone please teach this whore how to paint face. it's tragic. contour bitch, you is ugly. buy some real wigs and learn how to be a lady, because your deflated clit i'm looking at is an abomination.

  8. no seriously, get the picture rhea, you isn't smart, you aint kind and you sure the hell isn't important. longevity for club nights don't hang around as long as you have. go take your gogo boy to palm springs cuz minnie done gave you enough pies.


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