Pride in St. Petersburg, Russia Ends in Violence for Demonstators

Dozens of people were arrested & tortured when a Pride Rally was held in St. Petersburg, Russia today. This is an example of why you should be grateful you live in a country that allows Pride celebrations. It also serves as a reason why we have a parade in the first place.



  1. Niggers N Whites!June 29, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    I wish some one would stab me in the asshole!! I need it bad tonite!

  2. They deserve whatever they get. Having a Pride Rally in a place like that is like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston joining their voices in negro spirituals at a KKK meeting.

  3. the above commenters should eat SHIT...

    Us readers should view posts like these, come up with a game plan through social media, and help our fellow gays in Russia. Those gay russians who protested probably saw how gay Americans were so proud of their country, slowly but surely, allowing same-sex marriage, and courageously rallied to try and make their government modernize. Through the power of social media today, even the bitter gays who trashtalk on this site can change the world in a positive way. I am certain that this site has the fanbase and the potential to help those innocent gays in Russia who were beaten just for being gay and asking for equal rights. Word about what happened in Russia needs to spread, and the straight population isn't going to facilitate that dissemination of information, because they couldn't care less. Yes, local issues are more important, but dudes, look at the picture above, that could have been you... If any one wants to do anything about this, add to this message thread...

  4. The only thing I want to do about this is get high and have sex minus the condim.


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