Only 26% of Gay Men Feel Good About Gay Sex & Condoms

Nearly 75% of the homos we polled feel better about gay sex "Minus the Condim" or are undecided. That means that only 26% of those men feel good about gay sex with a condom.

To be honest we're a little shocked to see these results. We personally believe condoms are good for your health but let's face it, nothing beats pouncing on a pretty pink hole minus the condim... unless it gives you HIV.

SO if you are practicing unprotected sex please make sure to thoroughly lube up that bottom as to avoid any rips and tears that may lead to transmission of HIV.



  1. Who the hell doesn't like dick minus-da-cumdin?

  2. thats because 60% of WEHO has HIV. Why bother with the condim?

  3. All of WeHo z poz. Duh. But u must b joking about the lube, right? Rips and tears happen on a microscopic level. Might be safer to top (and what, WeHo has like 7 of them) but all u bttms better beware if u think this is the way to avoid the plague.

  4. Learn how to spell.


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