Nightclubber Beaten & Wayne Castro Overdoses @ElevenNightclub

Story #1:

Around 1230 am on Saturday night (sunday am) we began receiving reports that Wayne Castro overdosed at Eleven Nightclub & was hauled out on a stretcher in his underwear. We have to wonder whooooO on earth started the rumor since we saw Wayne at about 1:30a hoofing it west bound on Santa Monica Blvd. So either Wayne perpetuated the rumor himself or he managed to recover from an overdose in record time just on time for last call.

Story # 2: 

We heard that the security gaurds at Eleven did a major beat down on some old drunk guy on Larrabee. Sources say the cops came, blood everywhere, everyone in Revolver was watching & freaking out. Patrons described the alleged beating as unnecessary and really bad. We are told one security gaurd was even arrested for his involvement.

When will this nightmare club collapse? Please take a moment to call the ABC and tell them anything you know about Eleven Nightclub.



  1. Wayne cant afford drugs

  2. I called them to complain about their bathroom habits. Never even heard of the ABC until today.

  3. At least they don't discriminate against ugly people. TJ has been there for at least year or two.

  4. Security **guard. Jesus.

  5. I saw a video of it happening, it was after 1:30pm video has since been deleted.

    1. Are you talking about a video of the "beatdown?"
      Can you share with me where you saw it? It is very important to getting justice for what's happened.
      ScottMacdonald79 at gmail - dot - com


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