Missing Person: Juan Ortega Last Seen 5.29.13

"Thanks so much for posting it! Here's an update juan "rhay" Ortega was found shortly after your post. someone recognized him and called police. He was found disoriented and possibly still drugged. he was being used for sex trafficking he's expected to make a full recovery despite his mild brain damage due to the drugs given to him. Thanks again."

Juan "Rhay" Ortega went missing 5/9 10pm last seen on 7th and Hill in downtown LA. Please contact the LAPD with any info 213.972.1298 & reference case number #2670. Rhay was last seen wearing dark denim and a gray shirt. Sources close to this missing homosexual allege that he disappeared after meeting up with someone from Grindr.

A wise man once told us "Sometimes you just got get your d!ck sucked" & with that being said we'd like to add "but don't lose your head in the process".

There are tons of freaks out there who have no problem kidnapping your a$$. Wether you're out to turn tricks or just going to random strangers houses to get laid you need to leave a trail behind you by texting a buddy/faghag or by putting a note with the address to where you're going on your bed. And just because someone has a rich pad it doesn't mean you can trust them. That "tour" into some sugar daddy's fancy wine cellar could mark the last time you're loose ol' hole ever sees the light of day again. Don't be "a stupid hoe".



  1. i wonder how important this case is to the LAPD....and where is the LA Gay & Lesbian Center with this????....if he was targeted due to his sexual orientation, we as a community need to know and we must DEMAND ANSWERS

  2. real pics x grindr pic are so different lol

  3. Maybe he went back to Mexico??

  4. The guy is missing and could be dead. Trying to make a joke of this is sick. I hope you're the next one to go missing.

  5. um, news said that he had suffered a stroke? What's the real story?

  6. Thank goodness they found her.


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