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And you thought we were vicious!!

"Can we please talk about other terrible drag queens and their music. Like Raja belting out techno crap synth "club" music with Barry White tones in a B Flat, just like her B stung boy tits. That whore does more drugs and talks more sh!t. If you sluts only knew. Rhea, on the other hand sounds like Lady Gaga and Beyonce had a baby. Then they flushed it down the toilet. Willam is the only gifted one. He's fishy and sings well. It's always the trashy trailer park girls that work the hardest. Who is this b!tch Chanel everyone is always humping? That c_nt has sh!t breath and is annoying as fu(k. If I ever see her wearing a fu#king floppy J.Lo sun hat, I will smack it right off her face. Summer is here and I'll be waiting for you whore. People only like you cause you wash RuPaul's pu$$y or get them into World of Wonder parties. Speaking of whore and pu$$y, Billy Francesca - You look like the circus made a stop, threw you off the train and left your gay ass in West Hollywood."

~ Comment found on Rhea Litré "America's Next Hot Bottom: Theme Song" Official Music Video"

Pink Tina


  1. I love the comment above. I am sick of these tired queens and servers and hare drssers in this town...they all need to drop dead!

  2. Major. Add Chanel no longer works for Dragrace because they thought she was too much of a kissass who cast her own gays who will never fuck her no matter how much she goes to Revolver with them.

  3. She gave all the Queens on the show Anal Warts!Tired looking slut bag!


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