King & Queen of Sassy Prom 2013

Congrats Beau Bottom Byron (left) & Allusia (right)!!

We wonder if these two studs will ever win anything else... EVER AGAIN?!



  1. Sassy Prom is full of boogers. now we have the king and queen of boogers. congratulations boogers. booger booger booger.

    1. Is mercedez bitter because she lost? Awww.. and the rest of the noones who ran against allusia should just stay home, beside patrick picks who he wants to win anyways, its all rigged , but Allusia did deserve this win

    2. OMG so know Bo Boron the POZ ugly anoying bottom will be faulting around town like he is a star. Plese, you cut retired poeple's hair for money.

      As for alusia aka dulisional, you are a failure and will never be on RUpaul.

  2. how did Beau win? i didnt vote for him.... hes nasty looking

  3. WeHos SweetheartJune 3, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    So incredibly happy for these two! they deserve it and are amazing people! Love you both! xoxo

  4. Mercedez was NOT happy at all. She ranted all day about this on FB

  5. the hating on this site is stale and the opposite of entertaining. I'm looking for ENTERTAINMENT people.... yawn


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