Hate Crime In Russia

This...this is what hate looks like.

Its the actions of a group of children kicking, beating and chasing gay activists after the Russian Parliament passes bill banning homoseual propaganda. Local police are encouraging these actions and the man behind the bill is shaking their hands as they say 'beat them up well! Cut their balls off!'

My heart is broken, my soul is heavy. 

This needs to stop. Get involved:



  1. This is what your site does to so many people in West Hollywood every single day. Whether it is physical or verbal - hate is hate.

    So look closer into your broken heart and heavy soul.

  2. ^Please, re-publishing gossip media that some horny queen had already placed in the public domain by publishing on a social network accessible to everyone is hardly the same as beating someone to death. What goes on here isn't hate, it's intrigue.


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