Get A BROzilian at @StriptWaxBarLA #WEHO

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The practice of removing all the hair from the male genital areas; a male form of Brazilian

We finally found a decent place in WEHO to get the men's version of a Brazilian wax. That's right we just got waxed from head to tail & we've never felt cleaner. Let's face it, grooming the hair down there is nothing to be ashamed of but trying to find a suitable place to wax your mangina is difficult & nerve wracking for a gay man, even in Los Angeles.

Katherine Goldman and Eric Schimmel, are the owners of Stript Wax Bar, the sexy boudoir dedicated to the art of waxing, located on 3rd Street. This dynamic duo have, in a little under 3 years created a rapidly growing waxing empire that's taken California by storm.

Goldman, a licensed aesthetician, founded her business when she rented a small room at the back of a hair salon but soon became overwhelmed with demand. Her clientele began spreading the word far and wide that she ha
d a special touch with waxing and particularly was an expert practitioner of the increasingly popular Brazilian Bikini. Soon, along with her very supportive husband, she was so busy that the two decided to open their own store on Union Street and a franchise was born.

It wasn't long before Stript was booked solid in San Francisco, and she began to hear from clients that her services where needed in their home towns. Over the next year they opened a stores in Palo Alto, Oakland, and Walnut Creek, until Stript Wax Bar locations were strategically located throughout the Bay area. Then they set their sights on Los Angeles.

Soon they were shopping for locations and decided on a perfect location right next to Toast. As Katherine put it, “We had the chance to create the flagship location that we had always envisioned.” They worked from a gutted space and really had the opportunity, for the first time, to take a space and turn in to their dream location. They renovated from a raw space and managed to create a "modern boudoir" style location with privacy, a VIP area, and an inviting décor that truly showcases Katherine's style and creates and a very comfortable space for her clients to experience her staff's excellently honed waxing skills.

Stript Wax Bar recently trademarked their specially formulated brand of soaps that include an all over men’s body wash "the Bro Bar". That's right. Stript's waxing services and proprietary products are as much for men as they are for women. She explained, “Did you ever just jump into your guy’s shower and grab the soap? Its usually harsh and drying, and not made for good skin!” She decided they wanted to address that need and make a single, well formulated, soap that can be used for a variety of men’s personal grooming needs, absent of the harshness that are typical of men’s all over body washes. Hence the Bro Bar.

Stript Wax Bar has quickly become the go to celeb hot-spot for personal grooming services. The Bro Bar and Stript Wax Bar’s entire line of soaps, their proprietary line of Prissy mineral makeup, and an amazing selection of other fine beauty and skin care products can be found there and at any of their locations!

To set an appointment call: 323.951.9517

Neo & GG