Drag Wars: Mayhem Vs Conception

Oh gurl....

Our Facebooks hosted a viral drag drama yesterday and flames of the fire are still burning !!! 

Apparently after doing a Marilyn Manson impersonation Miss Conception, while wearing a black face and no wig, decided that it would be okay for her to impersonate the Abbey's resident black queen, Mayhem.

Of course it was all caught on video and even though the video itself was made over a year ago ...Mayhem is quite upset. 

Mayhem  decided to read Miss Conception when she posted the controversial video on Facebook. 
Conception responded almost immediately by issuing a public apology also via Facebook. 

Queens in the business seem to be taking sides and at the moment it looks like Miss Conception should start working on her Paula Dean impersonation.... JK!!!

As we write this post it seems like this drag feud may soon be coming to an end as Mayhem recently posted that she will not be holding a grudge in light of Miss Conception's public apology. 

More to come? We'll let you know.


PS - We all make mistakes.


  1. Actually Mayhem expressed being very upset over the video, and Miss Conception genuinely apologized; we all thought that was the end of the story lol HOWEVER...24 hours later when no one was talking about this anymore; Morgan McMichaels and Tommi Rose got a little bit hungry for publicity and decided they both wanted a little piece of this cake, then both stirred up the whole shit up again on facebook the next day

  2. 1 comment. I think its safe to say no1curr....

  3. That ugly nigga CUNTa Mayhem Kinte needs to calm her black dark chocolate ass down!... It was a year ago get over it! You're a nigga drag queen... You are ALWAYS gonna get shit talked on! All you damn queens are so fucken DRAMA!!!! Worse than Actual Females!! Untuck your damn dick and get over it! FUCKEN SHIT!!!

  4. Well is this fucking Mexican cunt have a home yet? She is so fucken messy she deserves to get all the shit people can dish out to IT! This cunt and her friend Rudneess wher 2 fat druggies that couldn't get a fair shot at descent dick so the put on makeup and heel and made them selves clowns ! Big fucken deal

  5. Mayhem is tired...as if she'd ever have a chance at drag race. 2nd, it was a joke and as Ru Says, reading is fundamental, get the fuck over it.


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