Ciara Gets Served by The Factory

  Ciara -- Served with Lawsuit While on Stage!

Drama for your mama!!  Ciara was caught "Red Handed" in a Pride Pickle after canceling her performance Friday night at the Factory. The nightclub responded by serving Ciara when she performed on a stage that did not belong to them on Saturday night. We look forward to bringing you all the juicy details of the trial!!!



  1. omg... this has been on TMZ for three fucking days. loser.

    1. Who is Ciara?

      This isnt 2002 anymore...

  2. wtf is up with the factory, they are so proud of themselves for...what exactly?

    poorest taste & attention whoring from a shitty awful dated club. i do like how their new name "metropolitan" won't stick though. kind of defeats the point of a rebranding when your old name is plastered on TMZ for days.


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