Car Nearly Crashes into Trees & Pedestrians Near Barney's Beanery 6/17/13

Apparently the car parked on the street, closest to the car on the curb, lost control while texting n' driving & the driver of the silver car was forced on the curb or at least that's what we heard.

Ay Stupida!!



  1. Was it Pej DUIing across town again?

  2. Can someone please take Raven's keys away?

  3. you're a fucking douche bag lucas john! i hope someone hits you while your dumb ass is walking down santa monica blvd on your lame ass vine account. you're fucking ugly pig. you make me want to throw up all over your horrendous face. get a life.

  4. no one was in the silver parked car. the idiot driving the black car turned from the left lane, right into the parked car so hard that it flew into the tree. the driver was trying to get around another driver. that simple.


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