Bobby's Trendy World @LAPRIDE

There was not ONE place left unturned by Weho's Leading Lady Bobby Trendy!!


 It all started on Friday Night at The Chamberlin where Ms Trendy hosted a who's who party for his people. Socialtes came in from SF, NYC and South Beach to drink till the weeee hours of the next after noon! The next day.... All the Royal Queens of West Hollywood were at Chad Hudson's Palihouse soiree with standing room only! The who's who were all there enjoing rooftop cocktails! Adrienne Maloof was there to party with us as well!! Down the Street At Tristan and Sergio Shucraft's Swanky pad was a party that won't be forgotten any any ANY time soon! The liquor was over flowing like Niagara Falls!! The Royaltins were out in FULL force this weekend! In attendance was Chad Hudson Adreinne Maloof, Anthony Scarcino, Mark Corneilson Bernie Guzman, Daniel Lara, Travis Walter, Dave the Circuit queen,Loo, Jay Juan Villanueva, Dan Kyle, Shane Cornelio, Kenny K.