Are you Mad at Paula Deen ? ?

"Here comes my white power flour!"



  1. God bless her butter-clogged, diabetic heart, but I think she may have waited too late to hire a crisis manager. I hope she fires the PR and other advising people that let her make such a mess of her apology (or I guess I should say multiple apologies).

  2. Bless her Southern heart, but the bitch should have cut her Today Show interview with Matt about 30-seconds short, because she took that train off the rails with the 'throw a stone' rant she made direct to camera. What, there are no gays in her neck of the woods to style her accessories and give her better talking points? To me, that's really her only crime here -- not listening to her trusty gays. Time to re-brand, Paula.... Take a page from Madonna.


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