5 Rules to a Successful Gay Engagement: #WEHO

Oh dear... As of today Gay Marriage is Officially here in California to stay!!!

Gay Marriage is finally available to the WeHo masses or should we say messes.... & with the repeal of DOMA you can finally get a green card to marry that hot foreigner you met on "holidays". We're pretty sure that if gay marriage was legal when were "coming out" to WeHo we'd have had at least 17 husbands and counting by now.


1) Always Say NO to people you are not dating already:
Idiots are going to begin proposing to people they barely know. JUST SAY NO!! 

2) Always say MAYBE if you've only dated less than a year. 
If you've dated for less than a year the relationship is still too new..  Give yourself at least a year  to get to know that special someone unless he's Channing Tatum or Anderson Cooper because you know them already, duH!

3) Always Say Yes when dating someone you like: Never say when
If you really like the guy/girl but the timing is wrong say yes anyway. If you're not sure of what you really want just say YES so that you don't spoil the moment. You can always change your mind in the morning & blame it on the pills or anything else. 

4) Prenups are NOT Deal Breakers.
If you're both living paycheck to paycheck you probably don't need a prenup but it's always better to have one, unless you're a dumb lazy b!tch who will probably never be worth a penny anyways. If your new husband does want a prenup... negotiate for what you think is fair in advance. Being able to negotiate will save you lots of time & energy because let's face it... you go through men like water. And be sure to include this item in the prenup. "If he cheats the prenup is invalid." They ALWAYS cheat. 

5) Don't be fooled... money is always a factor.
Are you marrying for love or money? If the answer is MONEY... just carry on with your bad self you can always marry for love the next time. FYI - Rick Langley, Bryan Singer, Enrique Cheng Robles, & David Cooley have all had to change their numbers thanks to the 1000s of unsolicited dinner invites they've received since the reversal of Prop 8. Try seekingarragnement.com instead.

It's Daddy Hunting season.

~ ATTN DADDIES: If you usually show off now is the time to play it down.


  1. actually no, im still txting Bryan regularly, andddddddd i dont even care enough to finish my statement

  2. ALMOST funny, even with the bad grammar and font changes. Cut deeper next time.

  3. Money is always a factor in THIS town unless you want to be a server for the rest of your life .


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