Vintage: Beware of the Homosexual




  1. Here's a funny story. Our GAY friend Karl was actually CAST in a slightly more recent and similar video, called "The Dangerous Stranger"! Educational filmmaker Sid Davis remade his first film - in color and w/synchronized sound - some 20+ years after the original -- When Karl was a kid he was asked to play a bit part -- as the kid who is lured to the stranger's "baseball cards". Karl is the blonde boy at 02:08 - 02:30 (the one not on the skateboard) We discovered this a few years ago; he had no idea one day this would resurface on YouTube! Now he's famous, LOL. You'll find Karl at: -- Enjoy!!!!

  2. Thank God they keep all those "SICK" Homosexuals confined inside the boundaries of West Hollywood; just think of all the havoc they'd cause if they were let loose....


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