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Tonight we'll find out who wins RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 but to be honest we all already know who the real queen of drag in this town is.... 




  1. Oh PULEEZE!!!!!! lol u are a joke, if you'd know for sure who won drag race you would post it lol but you're afraid to take another wild guess lol remember when you said Raven won all stars and phiphi season 4??????? lol

  2. Detox shouldda won. She actually was the most qualified queen to win out of all the queens cast for this season but her "LA" attitude really backfired and came back to bite her ass. She went on the show assuming she knew it all and had the whole game figured out just because she is a dreamgirl and friend with many past contestants of the show which I am sure schooled her well BUT Rupaul, the bitch herself is always one step ahead of everybody. Detox's arrogance was her worst enemy.

    1. totally true. definitely the best qualified queen.

    2. I actually disagree. Detox's attitude for sure made her unqualified as a queen... A drag queen isn't supposed to be a snooty bitch that is rude to others... That's not how it works. And yeah, this is a reality show, but I just don't feel like she had the potential to be the next drag superstar. She's done some fierce things, I'll admit, and her makeup is on point, but I don't think she deserved the title, not at all. I think the right decision was made, 100% last night. xo

  3. i cant believe you people are people putting together detailed opinions on this terrible show on such a terrible demographics. no one cares.


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