#TeamAmanda Reads @LanceBass

Clear the floor clear the floor Bitches in the ballroom! We have a new queen of how to read! Nene Leakes please present that crown (that Andy Cohen covets so much ) and crown Miss Amanda Bynes!

Yes ma'am. Check it, Lance Bass called into a Las Vegas radio show to talk about La Amanda stating "I'm scared for her." Of course my girl Amanda put this JOTA in her place by tweeting the following (see picture).

Lancita, Miss Amanda put you in yo place! Sh!t, calling into a local radio stacion in Vegas and saying you're scared? I'm scared for you resurrecting your singing career. Sh!t the last time you sung anything was when Kathy Griffin still had a show on Bravo. You'll jump on any possible bandwagon for some kind of relevancy.

I'm going on record saying I'm scared for you, Lancita. Anyways, then Jaymes Vaughn (king of this years White Party) decided to tweet that it was a misunderstanding and they were raising money for San Judas medical center and the topic came up, which Lancita retweeted. Like any of us care about that. We're gays and we like the drama, we like, we like the drama #TeamAmanda #TeamAmandaBynes

Yes there will be cunT, yes there will be shade


Ps Lancita, Jou're welcome!


  1. wtf is this? an article written by someone on meth?


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