Raja Realness Has Been Served Darling:

She makes those season 5 gurls look basic!!!
She just tuned us out. This is like the fiercest drag we've seen in a long time.

Blue Ivy


  1. raja is always gonna be the best and most deserving queen crowned....oh did sharon needles already moved on from her crowning which actually belonged to chad anyway.......lol.....after sharon called jinx the cheap version of her i lost respect....i never liked her anyway

  2. yeah this makes up for all the times she looked like shit the past 3 years.

  3. Why didn't you post my pictures?????? I was there with Raven and Kylie Sonique sitting in front row!!!!!

  4. Sharon needs to learn how to put on lashes.

  5. hell no, raja looks good but detox shits in everyones face with her beautiful and flawless grayscale photo realness. no t no shade but detox > raja.

    1. shut the fuck up about goddamn detox. no one cares. she obviously did it for attention and look, i agree it was wonderful. but, lets get over it now. it wasn't that great.

  6. drag queens: we dont care.

  7. She looks like that blue bitch in the 5th Element.

  8. I invented everything DRAG, all dragqueens in the world are a cheap copy of ME, they all are below me. I am the best. Happy Halloween Bitches!!!!!!

  9. Is Tyra trans now?


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