Oh Shit !!! Internet Tax Proposal

Time to rally !!!

This is so wrong.



  1. why is this wrong? just cause you dont want to pay taxes?

  2. The Laughing ManMay 7, 2013 at 9:34 AM

    CNN is poz!!!

  3. This tax needs to pass. The no tax on internet purchases was only meant to be a kickstart for internet purchases. But we need the tax revenue to pay for all the services that you want from the government. I'd rather have that tax than increased income taxes.

  4. I agree, this tax needs to happen. Our government needs to pay for the massive Welfare State we've become, and taxing dumb people's dumb internet purchases is a good way to help. Maybe it'll finally get people to stop spending money they don't have!

  5. Taxing internet purchases creates an undue hardship on small business owners who sell their wares online. For instance an artist who sells his paintings online will now have to comply with 10,000 tax jurisdictions in the country. It will be a huge burden for small stuggling business owners who are just trying to make a living and keep their overhead low. There are already laws on the books that require the consumer to comply with their local sales tax when they make purchases online. But now the government has figured out a way to force the retailer to charge the tax. Which will put small business out of work in an already terrible economy. This a bad idea and we need to say NO!


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