Meet James Mori: Tarot Card Reader To The Stars

To be honest we've never been interested in having someone read our cards but recently we decided to try it. Why not? 3 months ago we met up with James in a little coffee shop after initially meeting him at a Beach Canyon shindig one Sunday afternoon.

 We wanted James to bring his card reading talents to an upcoming event but decided we should try his services first. Again, Why not? James read our cards to us with patience and even invited us to ask more specific questions which he answered rather directly. 

It's now been 3 months since our reading with James and all of his cautions & predictions have come to fruition. We'd give you a few examples but this site isn't really about us, is it?

If you're up for an awesome look into your future call or text Mister Mori, darling! His predictions have saved each of us a bundle when compared to how little he charges for a reading.

(323) 537-9225




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